Frequently Asked Questions Page

What is the Scarecrow Festival?

It is a family-friendly event that allows local residents and businesses to show off their scarecrows!

Where will the scarecrows be displayed?

Throughout the city of Edmonds and South Snohomish County.

When does the Festival take place?

    • Registration begins October 1st and ends October 15th.
    • Voting begins October 16th and ends November 1st.
    • The winners in each category will receive a certificate, a 2019 Museum membership and bragging rights.
    • Winners will be announced and certificates awarded at a Scarecrow Festival Reception in the Edmonds Museum at 7:00 PM on Monday, November 4th.

Why should I join the scarecrow festival?

It’s a fun event for the community, it fosters ties between businesses, residents, customers, arts and student groups, and you can have fun decorating the city for trick-or-treating.

Is there an entry fee?

No, but contributions to the Edmonds Historical Museum are always welcome.

Who is sponsoring the festival?

The event is sponsored by the Edmonds Historical Museum (Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society and Museum). We are also working in partnership with DEMA, The Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, the City of Edmonds, schools and arts groups.

How can I vote?

You can vote on this website October 16th to November 1st, or pick up a paper ballot at the museum during regular operating hours. Here is a link to the Vote page.

What are the criteria for eligible scarecrows?

We ask only that Scarecrows be hand made and family friendly.

May I enter a scarecrow I entered in a prior year?


What is the scarecrow entry deadline?

October 15th at 6:00pm.

What if I do not have a location to display our scarecrow?

Please contact the Scarecrow Hotline 425-774-0900 after September 25th and we will do our best to work with you.

Do I have to give my address on the online registration for where it says “View Scarecrow At” and post the Scarecrow Festival sign?

No. If you wish to simply enter your scarecrow without providing an address where people can see it and not have a sign delivered for your entry simply enter “none” in the address box.

When will my Scarecrow Festival sign be delivered?

Within a few days of registration.  If you don’t have one within 3 days, please call the Scarecrow Hotline. Remember, only the first 100 Residential entries registered will receive a sign. 

What should I do with my Scarecrow Festival sign after the festival ends?

  • Please make every effort to return your sign to the Museum (118 5th Ave. North) by November 8. 
  • Leave on front steps if Museum closed. 
  • If can’t return to Museum, please call the Scarecrow Hotline at 425-774-0900, leave a message and a volunteer will pick up signs left in plain sight at scarecrow location. 
  • If sign is not returned, or we don’t hear from you, a volunteer will call you to follow-up. Don’t dispose of the sign or wire stand, we need to reuse them!

Can I enter if I live outside Edmonds?

Absolutely!  We are the Edmonds South Snohomish County Historical Society and welcome entries from all of South Snohomish County and surrounding areas.

What are the scarecrow entry categories?

  • Residential (single or multi-family, care facilities)
  • Retail Business (stores & shops, except art galleries)
  • Service Business (legal, medical, travel, salon)
  • Food/Beverage Business (restaurants, bars, coffee)
  • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate (banks, agents, financial consultants)
  • Arts/Government/School/Civic (galleries, city, artists, service clubs)
  • Non-Voting (I just want to share my scarecrow)

How are the winners in each category determined?

By vote of public on this website, or by paper ballot obtained and dropped off at the Museum.  One vote per person, please.

Will there be other winners?

Yes.  Two other winners will be selected from entries in the 6 basic entry categories.  These are:  1)  Best 1st Time Builder and 2) Best Depiction of Edmonds History.

How will the two other winners be determined?

By a panel of judges who will select Best First Time Builder and Best Depiction of Edmonds History from the entries submitted for the 6 entry categories.

Are there display criteria for downtown businesses?

  • We ask that Scarecrows be displayed in front of the business, preferably outside, or in front window for best viewing.
  • Outside Scarecrows should not extend more that 2 feet into the sidewalk from the front of the building, similar to a bench or flower container.
  • Please  do not use the sidewalk further from  the front of your business or the sidewalk holes used for flags.
  • Please do not place scarecrows in the city corner garden areas.

What are the prizes for winners?

Winners will be announced at a Scarecrow Festival Reception in the Museum at 6:00 PM on Monday, November 4th. The winner in each category will receive a certificate of recognition, a 2019 Museum membership and bragging rights.

How can I vote if I don’t have internet access?

Visit the Museum and a docent or staff member will call up entries on the Museum computer for you to view and you can write your selection for each category the paper ballot they will provide.

I don’t have a digital camera or can’t upload my picture.

How about asking a family member or neighbor to help?  If that doesn’t work, please call the Scarecrow Hotline on the Museum website and we will make every effort to take a picture and upload it for you.

How can I find out how to build a Scarecrow?

View our HowToBuildScarecrow document for simple build directions, and an internet search will generate a lot of ideas.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Call the Scarecrow Hotline at the Edmonds Museum at 425-774-0900. Select the Scarecrow Festival option and leave a message. Someone will call you back.

What if I am having problems with the Scarecrow Festival website?

Contact the Webmaster.