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Voting is October 16 – November 2

  • You may vote for one entry in each of the six categories below.
  • Only one vote per person.
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  • Overall top vote getter as well as top three vote getters in each category will be recognized to attendees at the  Museum’s Heritage Days Dinner at Holy Rosary on November 4, and made public when certificates are awarded at a Scarecrow Festival Reception in the Museum at 7:00 PM on November 6. Scarecrow entrants, scarecrows and the public are welcome.
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(single or multi-family, care facilities)

Contest Ended

Ellla Gigersnap

Category : Residential

Ella is a princess witch.

62 Votes

So good at their job they’ve scared the sun into hiding behind the moon!

65 Votes

A beautiful princess with a blue gown and crown!

12 Votes

Lord of the Crows

Category : Residential

The “Lord of the Crows”, or Phil as his friends know him, is the ruler of all crows.

170 Votes

Got Apples?

Category : Residential

The Huskie werewolf sneaks up on the unsuspecting Cougar on All “Howl”lows Eve.

11 Votes

The Sheriff Posse

Category : Residential

The Sheriff Posse warming up after a cold night in the saddle.

37 Votes

A whacky Scaredy Cat hoping to cause some hullabaloo on Halloween!

54 Votes

Candy Man and Bones

Category : Residential

The Candy Man is rising out of his grave to take Bones the Dog for a walk on All Hallows Eve!!!

86 Votes

Seattle Sports

Category : Residential

Go Seahawks, Mariners & Sounders!

49 Votes

Pumpkin vampire with junior with little blue hands make scary

19 Votes

It’s tea time and tee time! Two fancy ladies enjoying tea time and checking out the gentleman playing putt putt. Life is great at Edmonds Landing.

21 Votes

Hops and Friends

Category : Residential

Hops likes Pumpkin Ale and hanging in the backyard with friends

3 Votes

Theme decided by Great Niece Stella, inspired by her visits to our beautiful Edmonds Beaches to visit Aunt Bonnie! “She must have jewels and red hair! And seashell decorations we collect at the beach!”

18 Votes

Gru and his Halloween Minions

42 Votes

This year’s Scarecrow is based on one of the most well known mean girls.

4 Votes

The Bowler

Category : Residential

Scaring crows is right up my alley.

115 Votes

Retail Business

(stores & shops, except art galleries)

Contest Ended

Elvis PressBee reminds you: Don’t BEE Cruel to our friends the bees! Bee sure to use only bee-friendly weed and pest control products!
Come down to Hunni Co at Salish Crossing and check out Elvis PressBee’s chest HAYr in person!

30 Votes

Our scarecrow choir of wooden spoons does a stirring rendition of “You Make My Heart Beat.”

31 Votes


Category : Retail Business

#Sugarcrow represents a Mexican sugar skull, one of the many beautiful & happy iconic images used to celebrate their ancestors on November 1st.

136 Votes

Scareladdin and Genie

Category : Retail Business

Scareladdin is flying on his magic carpet with his pal Genie over the land of floors!

12 Votes

Giselle is modeled after the traditional Beekeeper. She is inspired by the imported french products that we feature throughout our store.

16 Votes

Crow Chic

Category : Retail Business

Anchor Chic Consignment presents Crow Chic. Crow Chic

47 Votes

Pelindaba Lavender “Farmer”.

14 Votes

Jump back in time to 1901 with Edmond’s first blacksmith W.S. Rynearson and his historic home. You can snap proof or your apprenticeship at 524 Main Street.

59 Votes

Jack the Jeweler

Category : Retail Business

On a shadowy walk down an eerie street, you feel eyes following you. Shivers running down your spine, you turn around and suddenly encounter Jack the Jeweler! He’s keeping watch over the golden treasures and beckons you to enter if you dare…

63 Votes

Main Street Bag Lady

Category : Retail Business

The Main Street Bag Lady loves to strut her stuff on Main. She is an excellent shopper and collects purchases from all the stores on Main. Rebekah’s Boutique is her regular haunting ground.

0 Votes

A mother’s work is never done! Between getting the kids ready for school and preparing lunches, after school activities, and keeping up with the daily housework, it’s a wonder this kitty has time to sleep! And to add to her list of daily chores, the mice are driving her crazy!

27 Votes

The Savvy Minions

Category : Retail Business

The minions are traveling in search of new and exciting adventures.

60 Votes

She is lovely and learned, and will enchant all rooks with her bookish charms.

15 Votes

C’est la Femme

Category : Retail Business

C’est la Vie’s entry is a reclaimed woman made from plastic bags, grape vine and contorted cotoneaster. C’est la Femme is accompanied by her faithful Le Chien. She is inspired by Tim Burton and the spirit of C’est la Vie.

19 Votes

Service Business

(legal, medical, travel, salons)

Contest Ended

Grandma Inga

Category : Service Business

This is Inga, our Swedish Grandma. She arrived to Swedish Edmonds Hospital with a new onset of Rapid Hiccups. Grandma Inga is also a huge Seahawks fan!!

15 Votes

Scarecrow RN Flo (Florence) Nightingale is discharging scarecrow patient Leif Edmonds just in time for some Halloween fun.  But first, a quick stop at the Edmonds Historical Museum Scarecrow website where he hopes that you will fill his Trick or Treat bag with all of your votes!

80 Votes

At the turn of the last century, change was in the air!

Rough-and-tumble challenges, along with exciting opportunities, were in the offing for anyone ready to roll up their sleeves and get busy!

One ultimate newswoman, a widow named Missouri T.B. Hanna, arrived in the bustling waterfront mill town of Edmonds in 1904 – seeing the potential that so many of its residents have experienced since.

Described as a “savvy businesswoman,” Hanna became the co-owner of the Edmonds Review, only five months after businessman Richard Bushell, Jr established the masthead.

17 Votes

Trike Stop Family

Category : Service Business

The Trike Stop Family!

81 Votes

Moda Maple

Category : Service Business

Moda Maple invites the autumn to us all with her glam fall theme. She represents our artistic industry and carries a sense of agent-garde scare.

38 Votes


Category : Service Business

“Crasher” is Edmond’s resident skater dude who isn’t “safe”! He was going too fast down Main Street trying to catch the ferry and lost control of his skateboard. Safety first dude!

Intuitive Safety Solutions (ISS) is all about safety in the workplace and at home, and we like to take a humorous approach in relaying our message as you can see.

Intuitive Safety Solutions is a safety consulting services company, located in beautiful downtown Edmonds, providing turnkey safety management solutions delivered by world-class Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) professionals with the proven experience required for every job specification.

107 Votes


Category : Service Business

Clutter of cats roaming the block,
enjoying bites here and about.
Meows of “It’s cozy here!” –
echo through the busy streets.

These fresh felines are
Home sweet home.

161 Votes

Our tooth fairy brings her fairy dust for those little baby teeth and she pays VERY well.

36 Votes

Dr. “Ivy Push”

Category : Service Business

Dr. “IVY PUSH” is the newest member of our very busy office. We currently have 5 Naturopaths, an Accupuncturist, an MD and a Massage Therapist, as well as a well stocked Supplement Medicinary to meet the needs of our Community. IVY and the rest of the staff look forward to meeting you someday soon!

31 Votes

Jon Snow Crow

Category : Service Business

Jon Snow Crow went North to go fishing… far North. Beyond a great wall where he saw no other living soul. After an epic battle he conquered and caught a great big monster of a fish and brought it home. As soon as he got home he started getting these odd feelings. Aggressive crows lingered around the house and he felt like his prized catch, mounted on his wall, was following his every move. Was he going crazy? Had the cold winter clouded his perception?

22 Votes

Swedish scarecrow

Category : Service Business

A kind provider of therapeutic trick or treating

92 Votes

Dr. Scooby-Boo

Category : Service Business

Dr. Scooby-Boo introducing his new treatment for fleas: Count Vacuula.

33 Votes


Category : Service Business

COME IN!! COME IN!! and see all the hideous and horrible but happy staff that awaits the arrival of all the spooky scarecrows, ghosts and goblins of Edmonds. It is never too late for a good adjustment. COME IN!!!! COME IN!!! BE AFRAID —— BE VERY AFRAID but come in.

30 Votes

Pink Stuff

Category : Service Business

Pink Stuff has come to remind the kind people of Edmonds that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She wants you to show extra love to those you know who are suffering with cancer and to know about “Look Good Feel Better” classes that are available to encourage women with cancer by teaching them beauty techniques to manage the appearance related side effects of their cancer treatment. Please contact the American Cancer Society for more information.

24 Votes

Created to make you smile, ready with his tools of the trade and his own gentle grin, Dr. Smiley keeps a watchful eye over our state-of-the-art, contemporary, warm space. He would love to see you, so be sure to stop by and visit us. Check out our Facebook to learn more about our patient-focused dental practice!

7 Votes


Category : Service Business

Built from our samplers and parts of equipment we install and sell, Our first attempt and first entry and therefore “Crowe”-Magnon. He is trying hard, but the crows are all over him! Nothing can get out plucky first time Scare”Crowe” down!

10 Votes

The Kitty Catfe Tigers!! Tony and Harley! Come take a selfie with our scarecrow, post it on our Facebook page with #happyhalloweentigers and get a chance to win 5 FREE entries!!

2 Votes

Food/Beverage Business

(restaurants, bars, coffee shops)

Contest Ended

Nemo & Dori

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Nemo & Dori came to the pacific northwest to find fresh salmon at Anthonys!

23 Votes

Tiki Witch of Main Street

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Taki Cat the wicked witch of main street will be casting spells and handing out candy this Halloween

48 Votes

Bertha the Barista

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Bertha, just like our other barista’s, loves making drinks and talking to the people of Edmonds!

85 Votes

We dug these old bones out of the attic to join the rest of the crew and enjoy a cold brew. Join Fred and the gang at the Salish Sea Brewing Co. for a nice treat soon.

26 Votes

Mr. Hooooooo

Category : Food/Beverage Business

The Owl guardian of Walnut Street Coffee. Made of cornhusks, sticks, flowers, wires and feathers and love. Come inside to view!

53 Votes


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Stan from the Old Bayview Lumber Co! Was once on 2nd and Main!

73 Votes


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Gary the Gull loves to visit local fast food restaurants for left over french fries from time to time, but most of all he loves the endless seafood selections on Girardi’s Happy lunch/hour from opening until 6:PM and 8:PM until closing. It’s always a Girardi’s happy hour kind of day in Edmonds according to Gary and the locals!

9 Votes

Cousin It, from the Addams Family!!!

91 Votes

Financial/Insurance/Real Estate Business

(banks, credit unions, agents, financial consultants)

Contest Ended


Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

RE/MAX Pumpkin Head Scarecrow in Green suit and Black hat.

28 Votes

Linus Van Pelt

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

77 Votes

Mo-“Crow”-ana, the strong-willed daughter of the chief of our Edmonds village partners with her very powerful friend Mau”scare”aui to sail off on a daring mission into uncharted Puget Sound waters. Accompanied by her pet pig “boo” Pua,
and a rainbow rooster who goes by “trick-or-treat” Hei Hei, they boldly venture beyond the Edmonds reef to undo the curse of a stolen heart. Come see for yourself just “how far they’ll go”.

195 Votes

The Addams Family

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re altogether ooky,
But, they love their new domain
Sold by Coldwell Banker Bain!

97 Votes

Zoltar with Scaredy Cat

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Don’t be a scaredy cat about your finances. Let us help you with insights to your future financial wellness.

35 Votes

Happy Emoji-ween

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Say it with Emojis! The smiley face, the heart face, the winky face – so many emotions, so many emojis. We recreated just a few of the more “popular” icons this year in our Scarecrow Scene. We like to call it “Emoji-ween”! 🙂

84 Votes


Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Dra-KEY-la has been around for centuries, draining the dollar and cents from savings accounts. He is now trying to turn over a new leaf and wants to warn everyone NOT TO DRAIN THEIR SAVINGS ~ and you can do this by opening a KeyBank Gold MoneyMarket savings account @ 1.10% (3month- $25,000 min) ………….But be careful, this may just be a plow so he can help you grow your savings, so he can SUCK IT DRY!!!!!

6 Votes


Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

J P Patches “Mayor of the City Dump” was a local icon on KIRO TV starting in 1958. With ICU2-TV, Patches Pals enjoyed watching J P before and after school for 23 years. J P wore his signature tattered hat, red nose and colorful patchwork coat, as he played pranks on his guests and gave us some pretty great life lessons. Behind the nose, was Chris Wedes, who retired to Edmonds in 1990. An important part of our community, Chris gave his time and talents to the Childrens Hospital and MS Helping Hands until his passing in 2012.

249 Votes


(art galleries, city, artists, service clubs)

Contest Ended

Belle and the Beast

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

In Edmonds for their holiday show at the Wade James Theatre, Belle and Beast decided to take a break at the pier!

18 Votes

Happy Hallo-wheely!

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Biking, scooting, spending a day in Edmonds on wheels.

50 Votes

A traditional holiday celebrated in Mexico on Nov. 1 and 2. Students will be building an alter to honor their ancestors inside the school, a tradition of the Holy Rosary Spanish program.

70 Votes

Mr. & Mrs. Potter and sPot

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Back from their honeymoon, Mr. & Mrs. Potter enjoy hanging out down by the Waterfront with their puppy sPot!
Come by and sit a spell!

86 Votes

Edmund Fischer

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Edmund Fischer happily spends his days pulling up crab pots and surveying his bounty. Rain or shine, you’ll find Edmund braving the cold waters of Puget Sound on his little blue boat.

55 Votes

George Brackett

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Combining old with new in our scarecrow
Founder and First Mayor of Edmonds. The beard, old hat, jacket, pants, and boots you might have actually seen Mr. Brackett wearing back in the day.
Combined with:
The mascot/icon and man to beat in the “Beat Brackett 5K” on the 4th of July. The 5K shirt, winners medal, and winner wristbands are modern day George Brackett features.

12 Votes

Art Walker

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

There is a man named Art
Who knows downtown Edmonds by heart.
On Third Thursday he is walkin’,
And to folks he is talkin’
About creativity that’s off of the chart!

49 Votes

Fried-a Kahlo (from Sleepy Hollow)

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Featuring chik’ns Lucy (right shoulder) and Chloe (left shoulder). Constructed by the students of Scriber Lake High School in honor of Frida Kahlo, chik’ns and Halloween.

68 Votes

Dali Gogh

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh? You decide. A big thanks to the Griscom family – Matt, Suzanne, Ben and Katy – for recreating our ARTspot Scarecrow. Hopefully he is not too scary! Just artistic. Ceramic sculpture (his head and hands) complement of Mike O’Day

31 Votes

Miss Birdie

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Our popular nature girl loves birds, and birds love her. She tends the Native Plant Demonstration Garden designed to provide food, water, cover and paces to raise young for our local wildlife. Her materials are recycled, re-purposed, or otherwise reclaimed items.

27 Votes