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Registration Open October 1 to 15.

Registration Begins October 1st

Please do not submit your Scarecrow Registration until after you have your scarecrow built and can attach a photo of it to the entry form.

You may enter your scarecrow in one of seven categories.

  • Residential (single or multi-family, care facilities)
  • Retail Business (stores & shops, except art galleries)
  • Service Business (legal, medical, travel, salon)
  • Food/Beverage Business (restaurants, bars, coffee)
  • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate (banks, agents, financial consultants)
  • Artists/Galleries/Government/School/Civic (galleries, city, artists, service clubs)
  • Non-Voting (for those who just want to share your scarecrow with the community)

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Voting Open October 16 to November 1

Voting is Closed Until October 16

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  • Overall top vote getter as well as top three vote getters in each category will be recognized when certificates are awarded at a Scarecrow Festival Reception at the Edmonds Historical Museum, 7:00 PM on November 5th. Scarecrow entrants, scarecrows and the public are welcome.
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(single or multi-family, care facilities)

Halloween Garden

Category : Residential

Life size gardener/scarecrow in a moonlit garden

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Laurie & Mike Harris
Submitted By: Laurie Harris

Father scarecrow teaching his young son the art of “scare crowing”.

Individual or Business Name: Wendy Clarke
Submitted By: Wendy Clarke

Nevermore Nick

Category : Residential

Nevermore Nick is one cool rook who has had his wings clipped. And so he’s out for a stroll in his socks and shoes wearing his (not-so) feathered cape in anticipation of forecasts of inclement weather.

Individual or Business Name: Barbara Steller
Submitted By: Barbara Steller

Vanessa is 20 years old and loves to garden and play with her French Bulldog named Beauty. She is also next in line to be queen (of Edmonds).

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Submitted By: Team Miller

Pumpkin Reaper

Category : Residential

Lock up your squash and hide your gourds, the Pumpkin Reaper is filling his hoards!

Submitted By: James Jacoby

Senorita Scarecrow

Category : Residential

Senorita Scarecrow is visiting us from Mexico and is a great aunt of the Wartelle Family and looking forward to celebrating Dia de los muertos later this month!

Individual or Business Name: Alashia & Lilly Wartelle
Submitted By: Alashia & Lilly Wartelle


Category : Residential

Friendly Freddy likes to wave at children, families, and pets as they pass – keeping the sidewalk safe from crows.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Submitted By: Team Sprague

Just Sitting Around

Category : Residential

Time to take a break and enjoy the amazing fall in Edmonds!

Individual or Business Name: Margo Family
Submitted By: Margo Family


Category : Residential

Fugleskremsel has one job: to scare crows.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Ryan Hague &Teddy Dillingham
Submitted By: Ryan Hague & Teddy Dillingham

the witch is in

Category : Residential

witch’s flying lessons available on bell street. the witch sits among her possessions.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Michele Miller
Submitted By: Michele Miller

Mr. Red Koi Dragon

Category : Residential

Mr. Red loves Halloween & is eager to trick or treat all night long.

Submitted By: Vivian Moore & family

The Fisherman

Category : Residential

Plaid shirt, blue jeans, and a fishing pole.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Submitted By: Abigail Johnson

Off To Prision

Category : Residential

The boys from the White House are off to prison for their just desserts. Torsky Trump, Junior, Moscow Mitch, and Behind Bars Barr are decked out in their black and white strips.

Individual or Business Name: John Dewhirst
Submitted By: John Dewhirst


Category : Residential

Joan Crawford has nothing on our Mummy Dearest. Mummy D. is just as handy as Joan Crawford with a coat hanger but much better than her with kitchen utensils. As a matter of facts she can bring home the bacon, cook it up in a pan, and never let your forget she’s the Ma’am!

Individual or Business Name: Carmel Condominium Home Owners Association
Submitted By: Lila Param

Ash and his Pokemon

Category : Residential

Pokémon trainer Ash uses his pokeball to collect Pikachu, Squirtle, Dedenne, Pumpkaboo, and Diglett and get closer to his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.

Individual or Business Name: The Cole Family
Submitted By: Amanda Cole

A Day at Disneyland

Category : Residential

The kids are spending a day at Disneyland and get their picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

Individual or Business Name: Individual
Submitted By: The Schappacher’s


Category : Residential

Scariel the big Mermaid came from the edmonds water park where she seduces divers and puts them under her spell. She arrived at 420 to get the party started. she is acompanied by her friendly crab Sebastian.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Jay Murphy and Dawn LeBar
Submitted By: Jay Murphy

Retail Business

(stores & shops, except art galleries)

Stranger Blings

Category : Retail Business

A “Stranger Things” parody themed scarecrow of one of the classic characters “Eleven” or “El” and a Demogorgon crawling out of the cornstalks. Complete with blinking Christmas lights. If you haven’t seen the show… go watch it.

Individual or Business Name: Comstock Jewlers
Submitted By: Erin Comstock

Madame Corbeau

Category : Retail Business

Madame Corbeau has flown into town this October to show off her sense of mystery, curiosity and wonder at all the shiny things in our little shop! Our three year old daughter delighting in the painting and gluing of feathers, Laurent figured out how to keep her upright and Andrea decorated her from head to toe in trinkets and treasures. The corn is safe with her in town but beware, she is a mean card player. Come visit her in our shop window, she is guarding our glass pumpkin and acorn patch.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: The Curious Nest
Submitted By: Andrea Savar

“Scoops Ahoy”

Category : Retail Business

Stranger Things are happening in Edmonds! Robin and Steve join us at our faux Scoops Ahoy ice cream stand. Fans of the cult favorite show will enjoy the nod to some of our favorite characters through our ice cream flavors like Demogorogon Crunch and Grass “Hopper” Mint. 15 yo Kate was wrangled to help with the character design elements and Kimberly broke out the power tools to try to bring to life the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor.

Individual or Business Name: Rogue
Submitted By: Kimberly Koenig

THE Scarecrow

Category : Retail Business

All the animals know not to mess with old Scarecrow. But when a small, scared crow falls from midair, Scarecrow does the strangest thing…

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Bookshop
Submitted By: Michelle Bear

C’est la Bouh

Category : Retail Business

Vewy, vewy, vewy scawy

Individual or Business Name: C'est la Vie
Submitted By: Jane Gateley

Fieno the Gondolier

Category : Retail Business

Buongiorno! My name is Fieno, which means “hay” in Italian.  Edmonds is so bella but I do miss the canals of Venice which I call home.  Come along with me to have an espresso or a gelato- now that’s amore

Individual or Business Name: Rick Steves' Europe
Submitted By: Rick Steves' Europe


Category : Retail Business

Rumpelstiltskin is a 4000 year old fairytale. Stranded by the Sea is depicting the story with an elfin scarecrow spinning on an antique spinning wheel turning straw into gold for the millers daughter dressed as a princess scarecrow sitting next to him.
The moral of the fairytale is meant to be the danger of speaking without thinking.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Stranded by the Sea
Submitted By: Tara Roberts

What a CAT-astrophy!

Category : Retail Business

The cats Smidgeon, Pinch and Dash explore their 10th life.

Individual or Business Name: The Wooden Spoon
Submitted By: The Wooden Spoon

Hunters scarecrow inspired by all things fish!

Individual or Business Name: the mar*ket
Submitted By: Gurkaran Chatha

The Traveling Minions!

Category : Retail Business

The Traveling Minions! These small little henchmen are ready for any adventure! One is an airline pilot, one is a snorkeling tourist, and the top one is ready for a Hawaiian luau. Happy travels!

Individual or Business Name: The Savvy Traveler
Submitted By: Alexandra & Petra

Scary Chic

Category : Retail Business

Scary Chic is located at Anchor Chic Consignment. All the birds are taking fight at the sight of her.

Individual or Business Name: Anchor Chic Consignment
Submitted By: Sheila Cloney

Miniatures & More “House Party with Emily” scarecrow represents our store of dollhouse miniatures, many of the type of items we sell, as well as tombstones from the proprietor and employees. Emily is the Corpse Bride from the same named movie. This house party includes visitors like Shrek & Fiona, Drakula, the Mummy, and Trick-r-Treaters as well. They can stroll up the tiled path through the graveyard.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Miniatures & More
Submitted By: Connie Bigelow

Meet the ‘IT’ girl of downtown Edmonds Miss Pennywise the clown! Her giant red balloon is used to lure children as a signal that she is watching you and waiting.. So if you see a red balloon around, you should probably get a little nervous… Send in the clowns! Our ‘IT’ girl is wearing a dress constructed of white trash bags & craft pom poms.

Individual or Business Name: Sound Styles
Submitted By: Jenny Murphy

Optimus Pumpkin

Category : Retail Business

“Autobots, roll out!”

Individual or Business Name: The Branding Iron LLC
Submitted By: Lillyan Hendershot

The Ladies Night Out

Category : Retail Business

These lovey ladies have really gone all out for Halloween, dressed up they are the toast of the town!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Cole Gallery
Submitted By: Denise Cole

Come share in the joy of the harvest season!

Individual or Business Name: Pelindaba Lavender
Submitted By: Anna Hughes for Lisa Reddick

Nichola Le Fool

Category : Retail Business

Nichola Le Fool took a prank too far on the wrong monarch. Bloody Mary Queen of Scots and she lost her head!

Individual or Business Name: Rebekah's Boutique
Submitted By: Rebecca

Service Business

(Legal, medical, travel, salon)

Katie Pie

Category : Service Business

PILATES?!?! I thought you said Pie and Lattes!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Bodyworks Pilates
Submitted By: Karla Crouch


Category : Service Business

Poppy and Branch from the Trolls Movie are always happy to sing and dance their way into any holiday celebration! So we decided to call it Troll-O-Ween in honor of our special guests.

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Westgate Veterinary Hospital
Submitted By: Ronda and Christina

To Edmonds and Beyond!

Category : Service Business

Toy Story 4

Individual or Business Name: Wilcox Construction, Inc.
Submitted By: Oksana Blidchenko

Braces Time! -Dr. Jue

Category : Service Business

Braces make beautiful SMILES!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Orthodontics Exclusively
Submitted By: Tennille

All the wetland creatures that have lost their homes in the Edmond’s marsh or on our beaches are coming back to haunt you this Halloween!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Adoption Services of Western Washington
Submitted By: Joan Ward


Category : Service Business

Sweet little fairy Rose has come in out of the cold to greet you as you walk along 5th Avenue. Her thought for today is, “make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous”.

Individual or Business Name: Mosaic Salon
Submitted By: Carol Sheldon

Jon Crow Jovi

Category : Service Business

On a steel gourd he rides.  He’s wanted (wanted) Dead or

Individual or Business Name: Axis Physical Therapy, Inc.
Submitted By: Laura Clemmons

Pearla loves AVEDA’s mission to keep our planet clean and finding new ways for sustainability. She swam to shore this season to remind everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle to keep our beautiful waters clean for all of its visitors, inhabitants and critters. 

Individual or Business Name: Chroma Salon

Zombie Crow

Category : Service Business

An Edmonds local glove maker that was ill formed into a Zombie by a vicious full moon bite a few nights ago. This zombie glove smith has an affinity for crows and brought a few to the dark side with him. He stands tall and proud to make bloody sport gloves here in Edmonds.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Makota Co
Submitted By: Dustin & Dusty Goss

Spooky the Spa Scarecrow wants you to know no matter who you are, you need a little self-care! Now with Fall here and the colder days approaching, take time to pamper yourself like Spooky!

Individual or Business Name: Sugar Spa Edmonds
Submitted By: Sugar Spa Edmonds

Sugar Skull Queen

Category : Service Business

Sugar Skull Queen is friendlier than she seems! Stop by day or night, and bring a friend to snap a photo with our AR Filter and you can join the Sugar Skull Queen Army!

Use this link,

or scan the QR code we have posted near our scarecrow, then take a photo and share with your friends!


Individual or Business Name: Ten Gun Design
Submitted By: Holli Alvarado

For the past three years, Lice Spies has sponsored Edmonds Comedy Night where proceeds from the event benefit students of the Edmonds School District.  This year, Kermet Apio, comedian extraordinaire and host for the event, coined the tag line for us: “Lice Spies… because you can’t boil your kids!”  No “Itchy Witchy”, you cannot boil the nits out of the kids’ hair in your cauldron!

Individual or Business Name: Lice Spies
Submitted By: Cathy Baran

The Supremes

Category : Service Business

Sandra Day O’Conner, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Don’t mess with the Real Supremes.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Sanders Law Group
Submitted By: Ralph Sanders

This Witch

Category : Service Business

The glamorous Witch of the Pacific Northwest! Vanity Lash Lounge has all the potions and spells needed to keep you looking as fabulous as “this witch.”

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Vanity Lash Lounge
Submitted By: Vanity Lash Lounge

Ms. Flo Ride

Category : Service Business

This Tooth Fairy is not scary but helps keep her kids and adults alike happy and healthy with fluoride and floss.
Ms. Flo Ride helps make smiles bright.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Harbor Square Dental
Submitted By: Molly Thomson

Taylor Swift-Crow

Category : Service Business

Calling all SWIFTIES! Come see Taylor Swift-Crow perform live on the Edmonds waterfront! Catch this rare performance for the next 2 weeks as you are out for a stroll on the beach – just be sure to look up on the second story of the Edmonds Bay Building to catch Taylor Swift-Crow light up the balcony with her dazzle and sparkle! You many even catch a glimpse of her 3 fuzzy guest stars too – her cats! 🙂

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Bella Wellness Naturopathic Medicine / Acupuncture
Submitted By: Dr. Jenny Loeser


Category : Service Business

Elvis never died, he just retired at Rosewood Courte! He still loves his bling, and still loves to sing!

Individual or Business Name: Rosewood Courte Memory Care
Submitted By: Lauren Carroll

Food/Beverage Business

(restaurants, bars, coffee shops)


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Hophead scarecrow enjoying all we love about PNW beer

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Maize & Barley
Submitted By: Venus

The Corpse Reviver

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Named after 190 Sunset’s popular Halloween cocktail, The Corpse Reviver is guaranteed to clear the cobwebs from your head and scare away any misgivings that may be haunting you from the night before!

Individual or Business Name: 190 Sunset Restaurant
Submitted By: Carolyn Douglas


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Starbucks Barista sharing Fall Favorites

Individual or Business Name: Starbucks
Submitted By: Sandra Roquet


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Food that is so good that it will knock your chef hat off.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Bucatini Restaurant
Submitted By: Anthony

Courtney Crow

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Engel’s Pub Scarecrow Musician

Individual or Business Name: Engel's Pub
Submitted By: Dawn Vinberg

Mama Tini

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Poor Mama Tini was a beautiful soul that hoped to represent Kelnero in this year’s annual Edmonds Scarecrow Competition, but sadly, she met her demise in an oversized martini glass. May she rest in party.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Kelnero
Submitted By: Kali

Peek-a-Boo at Thai by Day

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Peekaboo.. Peekaboo.. Peekaboo.. I see you~~~

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Thai by Day restaurant
Submitted By: Po C

Spider Noir and Spider Ham

Category : Food/Beverage Business

These two hard-boiled turtle slappers were just taking photos for The Daily Beagle and burning matches down to their fingertips when they were suddenly sucked into a mysterious portal- upon landing they found themselves in the Twigverse, and decided to park awhile! Spider Ham enjoys floating through the air when he smells our delicious pies. Spider Noir likes his coffee black, like his soul. Don’t bring up the interdimensional warping- these two pack a punch!

Individual or Business Name: Red Twig Bakery & Cafe
Submitted By: Jamie Kearns Twitchell

The Cheesefather & his associates welcome you to The Cheesemongers Table. Whiskers has been slaving away stocking the case with all the best cheeses &  while he is laying low on his break he is trying to make some “cheddar” on the side. Whiskers will make you an offer you can’t refuse….. well, because it is cheese and it is delicious! #eatmorecheese  

Individual or Business Name: The Cheesemonger's Table
Submitted By: All the mongers at The CMT


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Scare-Squatch is ready for fall ya’ll! The Demetris and Edmonds own beloved Sasquatch has grown a mustache and dug out his flannel fall gear for the chilly weather, but you can come inside and warm up with delicious dinner and drinks. Vote for SCARE-SQUATCH!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Demetris
Submitted By: Demetris

After a hard night fighting crime and doing good deeds, Spiderman needs some down time…. And what better way than chillin\’ & having some of his fav froyo….??!!

Individual or Business Name: Revelations Yogurt
Submitted By: Raj Banga

Mad Hatter

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Mad Hatter is enjoying his favorite cup of tea at Cafe’Louvre

Individual or Business Name: Cafe’Louvre
Submitted By: Haifa Alhussieni

Tiki Party of 4

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Tiki Boss, Mrs. Tiki Boss, Tiki Boss Baby, and our newest addition Tiny Tiki Boss.

Individual or Business Name: A Very Taki Tiki Bar & Grill
Submitted By: Bryan Benn

GarFivellic The Caesercrow

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Half scarecrow half unapologetically garlicky caeser salad king!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: FIVE Bistro
Submitted By: Stacy Cuvreau


Category : Food/Beverage Business

Yes. This is Hagrid’s pet spider. Watch out.

Individual or Business Name: Walnut Street Coffee
Submitted By: Pam Stuller

Ursula the sea witch

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Ursula has come to Anthony’s Homeport. Come down to see if she can take your voice.

Individual or Business Name: Anthony's Homeport
Submitted By: Michaela Greene

Scarecrow Slenderman

Category : Food/Beverage Business

Scarecrow Slender Man ventured out of his home in the woods and came all the way down to Waterfront Coffee Company. He can be seen peering through the corn stocks, watching over the people of Edmonds and making sure that you drink only the most delicious of coffee!

Individual or Business Name: Waterfront Coffee Company
Submitted By: Waterfront Coffee Company

Financial/Insurance/Real Estate Business

(banks, credit unions, agents, financial consultants)

The Mummy Mob

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Here to protect downtown Edmonds from evil and terror, you never know when the Mummy Mob might strike. However, don’t let their name fool you, this crew may be ‘wound up tight’ but they’ve also been known for causing a few shenanigans here and there during the month October. And that’s a wrap!

Individual or Business Name: Insurance Services Group
Submitted By: Kiersten

Strange sightings

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Government secrets. Fearless kids. And a dark force that turns a small town upside down. Coldwell Banker Bain’s scarecrow represents the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things,” with Mind Flayer and Eleven on display.

Individual or Business Name: Coldwell Banker Bain
Submitted By: Jamie Flaxman

Ghoulish Hospitality

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..
We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: The Hotel Group
Submitted By: The Hotel Group

Scrooge McScareDuck

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Happy Halloween Quack! Quack! Quack!

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Sound Credit Union
Submitted By: Sound Credit Union

Make Kindness Normal

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

A family of pumpkins out with the dog

Individual or Business Name: DME CPA Group PC
Submitted By: Nancy Ekrem

Falling leaves. Crackling fires. Warm sweaters. Pumpkins. Harvest festivals galore. And what small town doesn’t have an Autumn pageant? Meet Miss Willow Branch – Harvest Queen 2019.

Individual or Business Name: Coastal Community Bank
Submitted By: Daniel Christensen

Buster the bank dog

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

Scarecrow dog!

Individual or Business Name: US Bank
Submitted By: Becky Hallsson

Morticia, Cousin It and Thing

Category : Financial/Insurance/Real Estat ..

They’re creepy and they’re kooky
Mysterious and spooky
They’re all together ooky
The Addams family.  

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Realty
Submitted By: Noelle Myricks

Artists/Art Galleries/Schools/Government

(art galleries, city, artists, service clubs)

Garden Gal

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Meet Garden Gal, a valued member of Edmonds Floretum Garden Club. Floretum helps plant Hazel Miller Plaza, the hanging baskets, and the corner gardens downtown. We LOVE Edmonds.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Floretum Garden Club
Submitted By: Marty Ronish

Adelaide Crowette

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

“Adelaide Crowette,” a suffragist, was integral to the women’s suffrage movement. She is looking forward to 2020 which marks 100 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, ensuring the right to vote for most women.

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Historical Museum
Submitted By: Katie Kelly

It’s An Edmonds Kind of Mummy

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

The blue bumper sticker covered “It’s An Edmonds Kind of Mummy” can be seen wandering the downtown Edmonds streets after the sun has gone down. During the day you can visit her resting inside her hand-made coffin, constructed of recycled materials outside the Edmonds Chamber office.

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Chamber of Commerce
Submitted By: Greg Urban

Mr. Rookie Harvest

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Meet the newest staff member at CPE! Mr. Harvest brings years of experience protecting ripening crops from birds. We welcome him this fall.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: College Place Elementary
Submitted By: Staff @ CPE

Haunted Worksite

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..
Individual or Business Name: City of Edmonds Waste Water Treatment Plant
Submitted By: City of Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Staff

Kasey “Yeller”

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Kasey “Yeller” saving goals for Sno-King Youth Club for 40 years!

Individual or Business Name: Sno King Youth Club
Submitted By: Adam Quaintance, Janelle Hammer and Ryan Camden

Rhonda Rufflebum

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Meet Rhonda Rufflebum, our newest Can Can girl in a long line of Can Can girls dating back 90 years. Rhonda may not have the highest kicks or the best splits but she is our most loyal, braving Edmonds’ wind, rain and bitter cold October nights with nary a complaint. Drop by and add a sticker to our chart if you are, were, would like to be, or even know a Barclay Shelton Can Can girl. And if not, stop by anyway.

We are a First Time entry: First-Time-Entry
Individual or Business Name: Barclay Shelton Dance Centre
Submitted By: Pam & Molly Gaines

Scary Poppins

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

Mary Poppins is visiting the library this year for Halloween, but she looks a little spooky! She is hanging out with her creepy crawly companions near the book drop. Come say hello!

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Library
Submitted By: Friends of the Edmonds Library


Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..


AWEstruck changes when in flight,
A skull alone ebbs through the night,
Hands a-flutter with no connection,
Darkness gives the form protection.

We welcome you to pause for a moment
at this mural and feel free
to take a photo and share
with your friends and family.

Individual or Business Name: Art Walk Edmonds
Submitted By: Nora Carlson

Gone Fishin’

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

The Port of Edmonds scarecrow Edmund Fischer is back this year. He can be found pulling up his crab pots and fishing from the Harbor Square sign on the corner of Dayton St. & SR 104

Individual or Business Name: Port of Edmonds
Submitted By: Brittany Williams

Ralphie Wants a Red Ryder

Category : Artists/Galleries/Government/S ..

A nod to our upcoming production of A Christmas Story, The Musical. Ralphie is begging for money for the thing he wants most for Christmas, a Red Ryder BB gun, and we couldn’t resist putting him in the iconic pink bunny suit. He may not put the “scare” in scarecrow, but we sure hope he encourages you to check out his story, live on our stage November 29-December 22, 2019!

View at 306 Main Street (Under the Bank of the America entrance)

Individual or Business Name: Edmonds Driftwood Players
Submitted By: Katie Soule


(No votes will be received for this category)

No contestants to display